O&M’s Facilities Maintenance Services

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

O&M has a fleet of vehicles that have been fully equipped and purposely fitted out to be able to handle the widest possible range of commercial and industrial cleaning tasks.

Based in Gippsland, we work with clients throughout Australia. Our service can range from one-off type tasks as specifically requested by a client, to a full scale service contract with industrial, commercial and Government clients.

The industrial services that can be provided include but is not limited to;

  • High pressure washing of structures and infrastructure
  • General maintenance cleaning of industrial facilities
  • Minor repairs and maintenance of discrete components
  • Pressure washing of large items of plant and equipment

Electrical, Scaffolding, Engineering & Maintenance Services

Our electrical, scaffolding, engineering and maintenance services are easily adapted and applied to deliver specific project related or ongoing support to large commercial and industrial facilities.

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