Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

To be integrated into our customers business as their service provider of choice creating long term and sustainable profits for them and ourselves through provision of responsive and quality services that ensure the operations and maintenance objectives of our customers are achieved and exceeded.

Our Vision

To become the pre-eminent supplier of Construction, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance Services to the Power, Mining, Energy and waste, Water and Gas, Pulp & Paper, Infrastructure and Materials Handling Industries.

Our Values

Our vision can only become reality through us and our customers working as one and being guided by these underpinning principles.


Safety is the FIRST THING we do, our vision is ZERO HARM and we believe it can be achieved.


We exist to serve our client's needs through partnerships and mutual understanding. Our customer’s success is of critical importance to us.


Our conduct will conform to the highest, uncompromising standards of trustworthiness and character. We will never knowingly make decisions that harm people or that are not in the best interest of our customer, the industry and community.

It is important to us that we “do what is right”!


Respect for people and their intrinsic worth is the cornerstone of our relationships with one another, our customers, and our suppliers. We appreciate the diversity of the human family and recognize our differences as sources of collective strength and wisdom.


Employees are stakeholders in our success and should be involved in decisions that affect their work lives.

We are dedicated to becoming the best and most preferred workforce in our industry.


We are a learning organization. Continual improvement is essential to our success. We want our employees to be challenged, embrace technology, be creative in their approach, and to learn.

We will do this by;

  • Recognizing that improvement of our work processes, our methods and ourselves, is essential to our success.
  • Being creative.
  • Challenging our own thinking.
  • Learning from our experiences.